Want to Join Our Team?

We have a kick ass team and we expect the same from anyone who joins us. We succeed together or not at all. We are extremely selective. You will be a great fit if all the following applies:

Minimum Requirements for any END Games Position

  • You have shipped games (mobile, web, console, or desktop, AAA/Casual/Social).
  • You are competitive. You work hard, and you play hard.
  • You are motivated by creating, not what others think of you.
  • You geek out on games and interactive technology.
  • You are very good to expert at the fundamentals of your discipline.
  • You can work well in a team full of intense, opinionated professionals.
  • You can debate passionately and constructively, with respect and intelligence.
  • You can recognize and point out your own mistakes and weaknesses.
  • You can listen objectively.
  • You can communicate clearly, both vocally and in written form.
  • You are willing to fail early and often.
  • You have a sense of humor.
  • You have an obsession with quality in everything.
  • You challenge yourself regularly and enjoy overcoming difficult problems.
  • You can be more than what your job title and background implies.
  • You can direct yourself when left idle.
  • You are a positive thinker and encourage others to be the same.
  • You are well balanced between passion and process.
  • You understand both creative and business priorities.

Why Join Us?

If you think you can roll with us, END Games represents one of the best places to work in the industry as a creative professional. We offer a benefits package well in excess of ALL industries' standards, management is transparent and honest, and the Boulder/Denver, Colorado area is consistently ranked the #1 place to live and work in the USA. It's true, look it up!

We combine working remotely and in traditional offices seamlessly. We expect reasonable hours and effort from all team members. We avoid crunch like the plague. We strive to keep our team as small and agile as possible. We are a team, not a family; we support each other towards common goals, but we expect performance at every position.

If you enjoy playing games, then another benefit of working with us is the frequent casino bonuses that can go up to $100 free cash that we got for our team members. You can use these bonuses to play any real money casino games from your Android mobile device.

We are all a little bit crazy. We have fun every day, at work and at play.

Current Openings

There are no open positions at this time.


Direct Resumes and Employment Inquiries to:

Please indicate clearly which opening you are applying for in your cover letter.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept any physical media. We do not accept game idea or concept submissions. If you send us any of these things, we will destroy it and you will not get it back.

END Games Entertainment is an Equal Opportunity Employer.